Gaza - another father buries another little child murdered by Jews

Death toll climbs to 321 including entire families

These are the names that have been confirmed by medical sources in Gaza. Over 2268 have been injured, including 657 children and 408 women, with some losing limbs and others disabled for life.

The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health. All of the casualties listed below are victims of Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza. There is a running count of all murdered by the Jewish military here that is updated daily.

Killed 19 July

1. Yahia Bassam as-Serry, 20, Khan Younis.
2. Mohammad Bassam as-Serry, 17, Khan Younis.
3. Mahmoud Rida Salhiyya, 56, Khan Younis.
4. Mustafa Rida Salhiyya, 21, Khan Younis.
5. Mohammad Mustafa Salhiyya, 22, Khan Younis.
6. Waseem Rida Salhiyya, 15, Khan Younis.
7. Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nassr, 13, Khan Younis.
8. Rushdi Khaled Nassr, 24, Khan Younis.
9. Mohammad Awad Faris Nassr, 25, Khan Younis.
10. Ahmad Mahmoud Hasan Aziz, 34, Beit Hanoun
11. Sa’id Ali Issa, 30, Juhr ed-Deek, Central Gaza.
12. Raed Walid Laqan, 27, Khan Younis.
13. Mohammad Jihad al-Qara’, 29, Khan Younis.
14. Rafat Ali Bahloul, 36, Khan Younis.
15. Bilal Ismail Abu Doqqa, 33, Khan Younis.
16. Mohammad Ismail Sammour, 21, Khan Younis.
17. Eyad Ismael ar-Raqab, 26, Khan Younis.
18. Mohammad Atallah Odah Sa’adat, 25, Beit Hanoun.
19. Mohammad Rafiq ar-Rohhal, 22, Beit Lahia.
20. Mohammad Ziad ar-Rohhal, 6, Beit Lahia.
21. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Za’nouna, 37, Gaza City.

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