Jewish military fire on protesters

Clashes Erupt Across Hebron, Several Shot and Injured, Dozens suffocate

Occupation forces still lashing out due to their failures and deaths in the attempted invasion of Gaza and the refusal of Palestinians to submit to Jewish oppression and occupation. Those who are weak lash out, those who are strong remain centred and thoughtful. The inherent weakness of the Jewish military state is being exposed daily and it is furious and also panicking, which produces the lashing out at Palestinians in the ‘West Bank.’

19 July, 2014 WAFA
Several Palestinians were shot and injured Saturday with rubber-coated steel bullets, while one was shot with a live ammunition and dozens others suffocated during confrontations that erupted with Israeli forces across Hebron districts, according to WAFA correspondent.

Confrontations erupted in Bab Al-zawya area, Ras Al-Jura, and at Halhoul Bridge north of Hebron; forces fired live and rubber-coated steel bullets as well as tear gas canisters towards Palestinians, shooting and injuring one in the thigh as well as causing several suffocation cases among them due to tear gas inhalation.

Mohammad al-Badawi, a volunteer with the Palestinian Red Cross (PRC) told WAFA that clashes also erupted in Al-Arroub refugee camp; forces fired live and rubber-coated bullets, in addition to tear gas bombs towards residents, shooting and injuring three with rubber-coated bullets, while two others were directly hit with tear gas canisters in the shoulder and lower jaw. Dozens of Palestinians suffered from tear gas inhalation and were treated at t he scene.

Similar confrontations also erupted in Asida area to the East of Beit Ummar with no injuries reported, said coordinator of the popular committee against settlements and the Apartheid Wall, Mohammad Awad.

In Beit Ummar town to the north of Hebron, forces turned several rooftops of Palestinian houses into military outposts, during which soldiers used three brothers ages 12, 14, and 19 as human shields against provoked rocket-throwing Palestinians; forces forced them to stand as human shields under gunpoint.

Forces also stormed Safa area to the north of Beit Ummar; soldiers fired live ammunition and tear gas canisters towards residents, causing dozens of suffocation cases among them.

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