Gaza - 18 July poison gas bombs from sea

UN official: Israel used white phosphorous and sarin in Gaza

In a repeat of the nightmare of the infamous 2009 “Cast Lead”, apparently the Jewish military state has again used white phosphorous and other banned weapons in Gaza. What follows is a translation from Arabic, so please excuse any inelegant construction and lack of flow. The world must know this and stop the terrorist, rogue military state!

18 July, Ma’an Arabic
Ma’an – ambassador said the International Commission for Human Rights in the Middle East and the Secretary General of the Organization of international human rights at the United Nations Haitham Abu Said said Friday that Israel used yesterday during the launching military operation wild on Gaza gas White, who inflicted the harm of the dozens of Palestinian civilians.

He stated in his report that Israel has used this material during ground operation in the town of Beit Hanoun, the thorn in Rafah.

The Abu Said that the weapon in question implicitly is a weapon works through the blending of phosphorus in it with oxygen, and that white phosphorus is a waxy substance transparent, white and slash yellowing, and has smells like garlic and is made from phosphate, which reacts with oxygen very quickly productive fire and white smoke thick.

He continued, according to the agency official: In the event that the area is contaminated with white phosphorus deposited in the soil or the bottom of rivers and seas, or even on the bodies of fish, and the human body when exposed to white phosphorus burns the skin and the meat is not left to the bone.

The official said the World: The reports that are verifiable in terms of the use of a weapon sarin gas in running battles in addition to the gas, the white in the same area that saw heavy fighting during the attempt to provide a pedestrian Israeli military, and this type of weapon is a nerve gas industry is similar to a group of antibiotics insects known phosphate membership.

He continued, and if proven to use that Israel may have violated again all rules and principles laid down internationally and which prohibits the use of these types of weapons and held accountable by the international laws involved in these issues and who are preparing a full file in this regard for submission to international courts concerned.

He added: We have embarked on an international organization working on this file through the International Law Commission at the international courts in order to compensate the financial and moral support to those families of the martyrs who were killed in recent attacks in Gaza.

The student ambassador Abu Saeed major powers to intervene immediately to stop the bloodshed and killing is inhuman and immoral that pursued by Israel, also called for Arab countries to hold an urgent conference on the presidential level to develop a solution to ensure safe living of the Palestinian people. He had sent a telegram to Ambassador Abu Saeed, Secretary General of the Arab League in this regard.

One thought on “UN official: Israel used white phosphorous and sarin in Gaza”

  1. Israel have shown their intent is annihilation of Gaza. Conventions, UN agreements, world outcry mean nothing. They commit war crimes and UN doesn’t step in. I believe it’s time for a peace keeping force to be deployed in Gaza. Rights, HUMAN rights to be given to these people who are now certainly refugees.
    A well armed, wealthy nation armed to the teeth can NOT decimate a tiny area densely populated. The greedy illegal, obscenely inhumane acts by Israel need to be curtailed. There must be restraint of Israel. If that means forced restraint, so be it. They cannot do what they like, flouting signed conventions and agreements.
    Countries around the world must BOYCOTT ISRAEL. The Israeli flag must be taken down from international walls of flags at hotels, harbours or events. They must be ostracized for the baby murdering, civilian slaying and ILLEGAL used of banned weapons. This is not war, it’s massacre of Palestinians and a very vicious attempt at genocide. They are shelling hospitals, cutting electricity and water. Who could stand by and watch this slaughter? Sometimes we don’t need all the history lessons, we don’t have to worry that the Israeli side predominantly Jewish feel sad about the holocaust 70 years ago, this real time suffering and atrocity can be judged NOW. The poor Jews are now powerful and wealthy. The lessons they learnt from the holocaust are all the wrong lessons. How ironic Nazi Jews slay Palestine in ethnic cleansing. It’s wrong and the world is protesting, the cowardly Governments now need to take a stand against the dirty murderers of Israel.


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