Rocket to “Gan Jephunneh” causes severe damage

Though not reported widely, on Arabic media there are reports of the damage being caused in the Jewish military state by resistance. Since the “iron dome” is expensive junk, and Palestinian resistance has surprised and shocked the military state by its progress and abilities, there is damage being caused within the military state itself. Resistance is targeting military installations and legitimate targets although it doesn’t have American-donated laser-guided missiles like the Jewish military state has, so damage occurs in other areas as well.

18 July, 2014 Ma’an Arabic
Beersheba – together – fell missile fired by Palestinian resistance in the afternoon, “Gan Yavne,” which led to a very serious damage kindergarten and a nearby house.

Police sources said that the Israeli missile landed in the yard of a kindergarten in the town of “Gan Yavne” in the south, resulting in the serious material damage there and the house next door and without registration injuries.

This has been rushed to the place where a large force of police “Kiryat Malachi,” and proceeded to process all the implications and related supplies.

In the “poet Hanagv” house was hit directly after the fall of the missile fired by Palestinian resistance towards the western Negev. Also hit electricity transformer central town of the target.

The barrage of rockets fired towards the regional council (complex) Eshkol, but did not lead to injuries or damage.

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