Journalists injured in intentional airstrikes on media buildings


Gaza - intl journalists gathered outside hotel 17 July. Ma'an
Gaza – intl journalists gathered outside hotel 17 July. Ma’an
In the infamous 2009 “Cast Lead” the Jewish military state kept international journalists out, and made them rely on the ‘narrative’ in order to skew the coverage and hide their atrocities. Journalists haven’t been expelled, but they were told to evacuate their hotels. And now local media buildings have been targeted (along with all sorts of municipal buildings that are not legitimate military targets), the power grid and mobile phone service in Gaza is either very spotty or non-existent in some areas. Yes, this is a concerted effort to limit the ability of Gazans to communicate with each other and the outside world. Some who have done nothing more heinous and teroristic than simply blog or tweet or report have been targeted via the geolocation on their mobile or laptop.

18 July, 2014 Ma’an
At least one journalist was injured in an Israeli airstrike that targeted Palestinian media buildings in the Gaza Strip early Friday.

Israeli Apache helicopters targeted the al-Jawhara tower in Gaza City at 4 a.m., causing damage to at least 10 apartments in the building, which holds several media offices.

Photojournalist Muhammad Shabab was injured and taken to al-Shifa hospital for treatment.

Two municipality workers at street level were injured as rocks and debris covered the area.

Israeli forces also targeted the Daoud Tower in the al-Rimal neighborhood, cutting off the broadcast of a local radio station and injuring several employees.

The Israeli army has been regularly accused of targeting Palestinian journalists by international watchdogs, and attacks on news and radio stations in Gaza have generally been more frequent during times of bombardment.

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