The Spirit of Palestine - it cannot be crushed by Jews

Interior Ministry: Palestinians Rebel Against Psychological War

The phone calls, the text messages, the bombs, the drones, the breaking-the-sound-barrier-so-you-can’t-sleep, the death and destruction and horror all around them: all meant to break them down psychologically so they will capitulate, leave and give their ancient beautiful land to Jews, oh, and all their resources, too. It’s not happening,and the Jewish military state is enraged. But after all the years of oppression, repression, assassinations, bombings, arrests, degradation and humiliation – they still don’t understand the Palestinian people. And they never will. That’s why they will lose. Others in the world slander and libel Palestinians claiming that they are repressed by their own and ‘forced’ to be ‘human shields’ but they don’t understand the Palestinian people: Palestinians will never leave: they know what happened in 1948 and it is not going to happen again.

18 July, 2014 al-Ray
The Gaza Ministry of Interior says Palestinians are proving to be a model of steadfastness against the psychological war being perpetrated by Israel

Ministry of Interior in Gaza said the Palestinian people are proving a model of steadfastness against the Israeli psychological war being waged.

The ministry on late Wednesday praised the Gaza people along the borderlines for their sense of responsibility not responding to the occupation’s calls to evacuate their houses.

“We appreciate our people’s steadfastness, mainly those living on the border areas, as they prefer to be stay tight at their houses and lands,” the statement added.

The ministry confirmed that it will be all the time beside its people and do whatever necessary for the Palestinians’ safety and stability.

The Israeli military have recently used landline communications and flyers to warn 100,000 people living of several districts along the border to evacuate, threatening ground operations to try to stem the rocket attacks.

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