Gaza: invasion in multiple places, strategic deception

The Jewish daily Ha’aretz is reporting that the Jewish military state ‘fooled’ or ‘deceived’ Hamas about the timing of the invasion:

“The Israel Defense Forces ground operation in the Gaza Strip began after the inner cabinet met in secret on Thursday night in Tel Aviv. In a deceptive maneuver intended to give the impression that no significant expansion of the military operation would happen in the next 24 hours, Israeli officials told reporters the security cabinet would only be meeting on Friday morning.”

And there are reports of heaving fighting between resistance and occupation military in Khan Younis. Also, al-Qassam has reportedly destroyed at least one tank of the occupation military, fighting with ‘special’ forces, reports of injured Jewish occupation soldiers. Additionally Quds News Network reports al-Qassam clashes with occupation forces which infiltrated Um al Nasr village in Beit_Lahya.

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