scared Jews get @qassamfeed suspended from Twitter

Twitter capitulates to Jewish pressure

Hamas’ armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades’ Twitter account is suspended… because it upsets Jews. Because it was repeating that “Palestine has a right to defend itself” and announced each volley of rockets into Israel and the targets – all military targets (though obviously the rockets aren’t laser-guided like the American-donated missiles of Jewish military state are!).  Did the Jewish military state announce each attack on civilians (not military targets) beforehand or as  it dropped bombs on families? NO. Apparently Jews believe (and they admit this) that only Jews have the “right of self-defense,” Palestinians only are ‘granted’ by the occupier the ‘right’ to capitulate or and die.

“All the major US social media companies have been irresponsible when it comes to allowing terrorist groups to freely and openly use their platforms,” Steven Stalinsky, MEMRI’s executive director [obviously a Jew – ed] , told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. “It has gotten to the point where it is a national security issue for the US and the West – putting lives at risk.”

The irony is staggering. Does anyone really believe that Hamas (the democratically elected government of all of Palestine) having a Twitter account threatens the “national security of the US”? This is the result of Jewish pressure and Talmudic in-group cohesion.

The real issue is that the Twitter account showed that the resistance was and is following the Laws of war, whilst the Jewish military state clearly is not and is committing multiple, ongoing war crimes before the entire world. It was making Jews look bad, so it must be removed from where Gentiles could see, and replaced with the noxious clearly fictional hasbara (propaganda) ‘narrative’ that presents bloodthirsty Gentile-hating Jews in the Talmudic state, the occupiers, as the victim, and their victims as the aggressor.

What were the horrible, terroristic, evil things al Qassam Brigades were polluting Twitter with, that caused such Jewish outrage, and “national security threat to the US and the West”?? Take a look at the gallery.


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