Israel bombs Gaza at night

New reports from media – new admissions

Jewish military state’s media admit that the decision for ground invasion was made “this morning” confirming that the ‘ceasefire’ was not for humanitarian reasons but to allow the IOF to mobilise the army. Also out of fear and panic after successful al-Qassam infiltration into the south. 8.000 additional Jewish military reservists have been called up, more potentially later.

Also reporting already “dozens” of casualties in Gaza. (25 as of 00: 08 18 July). U-stream live feeds showing massive bombing. I am listening on the intermittent live-streams and I can hear and see drones, massive bombing and shelling. More below:

Chief liar for the Jewish military state had a bit of difficulty justifying the genocide in Gaza:

Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

Journalists for Jewish-owned and dominated media are expected to keep the myths & illusions alive, not tell the truth!

More sick Jews cheering death:

The word this one meant to use is “reconnaisance”

More war crimes:

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