Gaza - damage in Israel with alert tape

Ex-Mossad chief calls for negotiations with Hamas

For all the swagger and braggadocio from the Jewish military state, it is inherently weak, and relies upon myths in order to stave off a concerted threat by surrounding peoples. Without the protection of the Americans, including the military hardware donated, all the foreign aid funds and veto in the UN Security Council, the Jewish military state would collapse in upon itself as it is unstable and structured in such a manner that it cannot last. The Israeli-written “ceasefire proposal” (as I declared here and here) was actually not just its Talmudic negotiation strategy, but because it is losing and cannot win in a protracted war against anyone. Hezbollah beat Israel twice, and soundly. Hamas, despite the destruction and death in Gaza, is actually winning. It may not appear that way from reports emanating from the Jewish-owned and dominated media, but those serve to keep the myths and illusions going. In reality, the “iron dome” is expensive, ineffectual junk, and the Jewish military state has had to rush out three more additional units, the Americans have had to double the foreign aid in order to resupply. It cannot protect the country, and there is real damage being done, though only one publicly acknowledged death so far 9there were more, but gag-orders are in place), and of course the IOF is utterly incapable of fighting with trained, experienced fighters, which is why it relies on technology and American made and donated fighter jets. This is why it is actually the Jewish military state, through back-channels, that is attempting to get a cease-fire, and this piece was published to allow a degree of plausible deniability in that.

17 July, 2014 Middle East Monitor
Former Israeli intelligence chief Efraim Halevy called for negotiations with Hamas, even though it is “inconvenient politically” for both sides to admit this. His remarks came during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.

“Hamas is a very bad option, undoubtedly. But there are worse options than Hamas,” Halevy noted, referring to the other armed groups in Gaza. “And we already know what some of them might be, especially one of them: the [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] ISIS, which has its tentacles in the Gaza Strip too.” Halevy said that just as in Europe, ISIS is recruiting in Gaza.

He explained that Israel has negotiated with Hamas in the past: “We have coined a new method of diplomacy in the twenty-first century: We do not meet with them, we do not talk to them, but we listen to them. Each one listens to the other side. Somehow in the end an understanding is crafted.”

He continued: “We have had several rounds with Hamas in recent years, and the previous rounds ended up in agreements … arrangements, as it was called – ‘arrangements,’ not even agreements.”

“But in effect it was a negotiation between us and Hamas. When you had the deal on the kidnapped soldier Shalit, we negotiated with Hamas,” he added.

However, many Israeli officials on the right would prefer to see an escalation of the conflict rather than negotiate. CNN reported that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also said on Tuesday that Israel should go “all the way”, in other words re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

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