Brave Jewish soldiers taking another little child

36 Palestinians detained in Jerusalem, as 2-week total tops 200

The occupation forces have been busy in East al-Quds/Jerusalem, repressing Palestinians there and making many arrests. One is supposedly for ‘assaulting’ a Jewish man, but what does that even mean? The Jewish military state considers “anxiety” an injury to be counted in the tally, so what is an ‘assault ‘looking at a Jew, a self-Chosenite? Not flopping down on the ground and grovelling? Keep in mind that the occupation soldiers make raids and arrests to “keep the uncertainty” going, to keep the disruption to lives and routines on-going in order to sow fear and weaken Palestinians (this has been told in testimony to Breaking the Silence by Jewish soldiers who did it). In watching those testimonies, it becomes clear that one can be arrested for no reason at all,or one the soldier just makes up on the spot.

17 July, 2014 Ma’an
Israeli forces detained 36 Palestinians across East Jerusalem early Thursday morning, as the total number arrested in the city over the last two weeks hit 201.

Israeli raids on Thursday occurred in the neighborhoods of Umm Tuba, Silwan, and Issawiya, while Israeli forces said they detained three men in the Old City as well because they had allegedly assaulted a Jewish man.

Locals in Umm Tuba and Silwan told Ma’an that among the detainees were Muhammad Jamal Ibrahim Abu Teir, Ayman Khalid Fayiz Abu Teir, Muhammad Nimir Abu Teir, Muhammad Khalid Ashaq Abu Teir, Diyaa Munir Mousa Abu Teir, Bilal Gheith, Abed Abu Sbeih, Khalid al-Qunbur and Salih Abu Nab.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma’an that a total of 36 Palestinians were detained overnight, and that they were detained in “overnight operations against Palestinians who threw petrol bombs and stones at officers.”

Furthermore, Israeli police detained two young men in Issawiya, according to a statement released by the police.

The statement said that 201 East Jerusalemites have been detained in the last two weeks, 45 of whom have been indicted. The rest are being held without trial in a policy known as administrative detention.

Hundreds of Palestinians — both in the West Bank as well as in East Jerusalem — have been arrested in the last month since the kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers from a settlement last month, as Israeli forces intensified arrest campaigns across the region.

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