Jews crying

Jordanian newspaper: Israeli soldier disappears

It is a testament to the infantile nature of the Jewish military state that it calls soldiers that are taken prisoner “kidnapped.” Combat soldiers fighting a war, and that is what the Talmudic state calls it, risk being taken prisoner as happens in any and every war. The hysterical response by Jews in the military state any time one of their soldiers is taken prisoner is due to the fact that they actually believe only they are human and have souls, the entire creation exists solely for them, and that their blood is special.

16 July, 2014 Middle East Monitor
Amidst a state of fear in Israel about being kidnapped by the Palestinian resistance, Jordan’s Assabeel newspaper reported on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation army announced that one of its soldiers had been missing for more than 24 hours.

According to Assabeel, the lost soldier was last seen on Tuesday at a bus station in Bir Saba’a, south of Israel, with search efforts continuous since yesterday.

The Palestinian resistance has not claimed any responsibility for the alleged kidnapping taking prisoner of a soldier, but the Jordanian newspaper reported that Al-Qassam Brigades did relay the news about the solder’s disappearance on its official Twitter account.

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