Hamas gives press conference shown by al-Aqsa channel

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri has given a press conference aired on al-Aqsa television, condemning the Arab response to the crisis in Gaza and saying the Palestinian resistance will continue to strike at Israel.

We call on Ban Ki Moon to condemn the killing of children in the Gaza Strip. Four were killed playing soccer today. The obstacle here isn’t our rockets but the crimes committed by Israel against our people.

There is no true will from the Arab leaders to help Gaza. We are very disappointed by the official stance of the Arab regimes, we are besieged.

There hasn’t been one official stance by any Arab country against Israel’s crimes.

Our [Hamas’] message to Netanyahu: we are not scared of your threat and you and your government will pay for the crimes.

Our [Hamas’] message to the Palestinian Authority: respect the blood of those that were killed by Israel and support the Palestinian resistance. Abbas: stand by Hamas and the Palestinian resistance.

With regard to the Egyptian ceasefire, we have made it clear that we did not approve of it. Hamas will not accept any ceasefire that doesn’t work to the advantage of Palestinians.

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