Gaza - Palestinian children - next generation of resistance

We will overcome despite Israel’s Nazi-like atrocities

While I strongly object to the acceptance and parroting of the malignant Jewish mythical narrative of World War II, to the majority of Westerners hypnotised by the Jewish-owned and dominated media and the appalling infiltration and dumbing-down of education, the Jewish mythical narrative is what they believe to be true. If only more would dare to do some research, they would find the opposite is true. Nevertheless, the journalist attempts to convey his horror at the horror Gazans are experiencing hourly, daily at the hands of the Jewish military state, and for that, it is worthwhile. My only other comment in response is this: Palestine does not need to “earn” freedom from anyone!

15 July, 2014 PIC
I know that the words of a journalist, however eloquent they may be, can’t fully communicate the macabre scenes of carnage, especially when the victims are mostly children and other helpless civilians. And I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said that the scene of scattered child limbs and flesh chunks dispersed by the impact of Israeli bombs don’t affect me or influence the way I think and feel.

However; for the sake of history and future generations, we journalists in the field must try to convey the ongoing atrocities, carried out by the criminal entity known as Israel against the helpless Palestinians, lest some people say “we didn’t know that Israel was so evil.”

Unlike Nazi Germany, Israel’s ultimate mentor and obvious role model, Israel is not only raining death on residential homes, apartment buildings, mosques, hospitals and day-care centers for handicapped peoples; it is also blaming the victims for their own death.

As far as I know, even the SS and Gestapo didn’t reach this level of moral depravity.

Today, Israel is waging a no holds-barred rampage of murder and terror against the virtually completely undefended and unprotected Palestinians. Gaza today is the Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and Mauthausen of the 1940s. Israel is simply murdering innocent civilians knowingly and deliberately.

Yes, people in Gaza are not being incinerated to death in gas chambers. But they are none the less being burned to death by one-ton bombs dropped indiscriminately on residential homes and other civilian targets all over the Gaza Strips.

One doesn’t have to be a great military expert to imagine the result: The result is too shocking and too gruesome to be described in words.

I am not particularly eager to make unnecessary comparisons between what is happening in Gaza now and the German holocaust. As a student of European history, I know better than belittling or trivializing the holocaust.

But Israel is never the less indulging in Nazi-like actions.

Israeli and pro-Israeli apologists may complain that the Nazi epithet is too strong a word to describe Israeli behavior.

It is not. In the final analysis, when Jews think, act and behave like the Nazis thought, acted and behaved, then Jews may well be compared to Nazis.

In six days of sustained bombing of the Gaza Strip, populated mostly by refugees expelled from their nearby towns and villages in what is now Israel, nearly two hundred Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed.

Over a thousand others have been maimed and mutilated, sustaining life-threatening wounds.

Hundreds of residential homes have been leveled to the ground.

This is not a war between two armies. Indeed, when there are two hundred peoples killed on one side, including 30 children, and zero casualties on the other side, we are not really talking about war; we are talking about a massacre.

The indiscriminate murder of Palestinian civilians, including the annihilation of many entire families, e.g. al-Batsch family, is not collateral or accidental damage or the result of miscommunication or mistaken execution of military instructions. It is rather the official policy of the state of Israel.

Well, is it not a Nazi behavior to murder children sleeping in their rooms in the quiet hours before dawn?

Is it not a Nazi act to drop deadly bombs from high altitudes on residential homes and crowded mosques, streets and hospitals?

What crimes did these children commit against Jews to deserve this fate?

Mistakes are done once or twice or several times. But when mistakes are done hundreds of times, it means killing civilians is official policy.

We won’t surrender

None the less, we Palestinians will not be scared by the macabre scenes. We have been through it all-from creation to destruction. We know that that we must pay the price for our freedom from the clutches of Jewish Nazism just as many countries had to pay and actually paid the price for their freedom from similar evil powers.

The Americans killed more than five million Vietnamese. We all remember how the American B-52s were raining death on Hanoi and other North Vietnamese towns and villages.

We also remember the numerous atrocities committed by the Yankees in south east Asia.

But eventually America was defeated and humiliated, not so much by the Vietnamese military power, but as a result of the enduring resilience of the Vietnamese people.

The Viet Kong didn’t beat the much superior American war machine. They didn’t have to. But they did succeed in corroding the psychological immunity of the American society who eventually forced their government to end the war and withdraw.

The Algerian scenario was no different. The French killed more than a million Algerians. However, the continuity of the Algerian revolution eventually forced the French government to come to terms with the fact that Algeria belonged to the Algerians, not to the Franks.

Similarly, the Palestinian resistance, e.g. Hamas, is not required to defeat the mighty Israeli army, the wehrmacht of our time, and the American empire which is tightly controlled by Jewish pressure groups.

Its function is first and foremost to corrode the psychological immunity of the Israeli society by convincing Israeli Jews that the occupation can’t continue without a huge price.

True, this ultimate result occurs rather accumulatively but it will happen eventually.

Unfortunately, freedom cannot be granted free of charge on a silver platter, it requires a lot of blood and many martyrs. And our enemy is not a classical colonial power. It is a nefarious barbarian enemy that requires a strong will to defeat.

Indeed, in case we cowered away from paying the price for our freedom, we would have to pay a double price in terms of subjugation, humiliation and enslavement.

Hence the Palestinians must not be scared by the macabre scenes of murder and terror at the hands of the children, grandchildren and great grand-children of the holocaust.

We surely will overcome and earn our freedom.

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