Gaza - 4-day old Nour Abu Isa with mama

Three-day-old Nour youngest victim of Israeli assault

The Gentile hating Jews of the military state that gather on hilltops and cheer death of infants and children will not doubt greet this news with glee. It’s difficult for the civilised world to understand how anyone could do that, but it is borne out of the religion of Gentile death and hatred,and is quite normal for them, though some hide it better than others. In the Jewish military state it is not necessary to hide it at all. But for the civilised world, we greet this news, as we greet every innocent civilian death with sorrow, despair and grief. I actually watched on the Anadolu streaming feed, this tiny infant brought to the hospital; she wasn’t responding. I saw her wounds. I didn’t think she wouldn’t make it and I wept.

15 July, 2014 Middle East Monitor

An Israeli airstrike targeted the house of the Issa family on Monday night, wounding Nada and her newly born infant Nour, only three days old. Nada and her little baby girl Nour both sustained moderate injuries, making Nour the youngest victim of the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.

“Thanks to God, I did not lose Nour,” the mother told Anadolu news agency. “I cannot imagine living without my first baby, whom I waited to see for a long time.”

Ignoring the pain of her own wounds, Nada rued that shrapnel from an Israeli air strike would hit her little baby. However, she also thanked God that her baby did not become yet another number in the list of deaths from Israel’s aggression.

Gaza - 4-day old Nour Abu Isa injured by Jewish military 450
Gaza – 4-day old Nour Abu Isa injured by Jewish military 450

Hayel, Nour’s father, at first did not believe that his baby and wife remained alive after seeing them covered in so much blood. “I did not imagine that this baby would bear such an injury,” he told Anadolu. “I expected she would die just from the sound of the bombing,” he added.

Israel’s relentless assault on Gaza has so far killed 192 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,400. Among the deaths were 33 children, the youngest only one year old. Rights groups have called Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza a flagrant violation of international law.

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