Israeli drone. Yossi Zeliger/Flash 90

Palestinians shoot down Israeli drone in Gaza

As much as the Jewish military state needs a protector, with all the largesse of the American tax-payers, it also requires the illusion tha tit is the “fourth most powerful military” in the world, which is patently ridiculous. But it is essential to keep this myth alive not only for the violent, racist Gentile-hating Jews in Israel and worldwide, but in order to intimidate the populace of surrounding countries in the Middle East. Without that illusion, it faces the very real prospect of a concerted and united front against it for its many crimes against Palestinians and Arabs in other countries (its many false-flags, terrorism, and the divide-and-conquer tactic allowing the oppression by tin-pot dictators in the Arab world).

15 July, 2014 Middle East Eye
Palestinian fighters on Tuesday managed to shoot down an Israeli aerial drone in Gaza City, eyewitnesses have said.

“The plane was shot down by an anti-aircraft gun,” an eyewitness told Anadolu Agency.

Wreckage from the aircraft was quickly seized by the fighters in western Gaza City’s Al-Remal district, according to witnesses.

There was no comment from Israeli sources.

It was the third Israeli drone to be shot down by Palestinian fighters since Israel launched a military operation in the Gaza Strip on July 7.

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