Major miscalculation by ‘backfire Benjimin’

It is no secret that Israel has been wanting to smash Hamas, break up the new unity government, and lay waste to Gaza in hopes of finally re-taking the coastal strip not only for lebensraum for Jews, but also for Palestine’s share of the gas and oil for quite some time. And the Jewish military state doesn’t just want Palestine’s fossil fuel wealth for itself, it doesn’t want Palestine to have it. So before the the “missing” Jewish settler colonists was the only thing missing was a pretext. The Jewish military state makes use of pretexts a lot, an awful lot.

Netanyahu felt he had his pretext and seized upon it immediately, blaming Hamas, though it was obvious to not only Jewish intelligence but any thinking person that this was not in Hamas’ or Palestine’s interest. When Hamas did not take responsibility, as it always does when it completes a successful operation, the shrill refrain of “The Khamas did it, and the Khamas will pay!” resounded in the echo-chamber of Jewish-owned and dominated Western media. And the compliant Americans obliged their Jewish military state friends and allowed Netanyahu to pipe his nonsense directly into the eyes and ears of the poor Americans on round after round of the dreadful “Sunday morning talk shows” singing his little unbelievable and discordant tune.

Netanyahu has badly miscalculated, being used to compliance of the Americans and the unparalleled degree of protection for the many war crimes, crimes against humanity (like apartheid) and other violations of international law. He did not listen to the warnings given his government and military state in the past year – the Americans have reached the limit of their power. The balance has tipped in the Palestinians’ favour in numbers enough to be very significant. He underestimated the effectiveness and reach of his intelligence network of collaborators and infiltrators, and due to that he did not realise the degree of coordination, preparedness and capabilities of Palestinian resistance.

And the Americans cannot actually protect their protectorate Jewish military state from the consequences any longer. There are geopolitical reasons for this, such as with regards to Ukraine and the EU-Moscow-Asia business triangle, and economic reasons for this. The tables have turned on the Americans in the UN Security Council lately in that other powers have vetoed resolutions that frustrated American/Jewish military state goals. For now that America faces unrest at home, soaring joblessness and subsequent dependence on the paltry social services that almost half the country wants to eliminate (that would be the almost half of the country that has one or more jobs) and deficits (not to mention the horrendous debt), inability to repatriate the German Republic’s gold, the cessation of credit being extended to the US as well as the decreasing use of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency all mean that America has enough problems.

The “Bibi-sitter” in chief is beleaguered from all sides, failing in all directions and efforts and there is no more capital -political or otherwise- to expend on the Jewish military state. There comes a time to cut strings and blundering Benji is flailing about with an X-Acto blade very close to those strings.

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