al-Wafa hospital. ISM

WAR CRIMES: Civilian dwellings, facilities and NGOs attacked by Israel

Since Israel began its latest genocidal death frenzy against Gaza on 8, July 2014, it has intentionally attacked a number of locations and facilities that are protected by the Laws of War and the Geneva Conventions. Violation of the Laws of war are war crimes, and bombing homes, and civil infrastructure such as power grid, water lines, and sewage treatment facilities, in addition to hospitals/ambulances/medical clinics and disabled or geriatric facilities, schools, and mosques are clear war crimes. The transparent pretext that any of these buildings (or infrastructure) contain or are used by “terrorists” is not a valid defense as they are not legitimate military targets in any case.

Numerous articles have detailed how the Jewish military is intentionally bombing UN schools, which, if one will remember was a feature of its previous genocidal war against Gaza in infamous the 2009 “Cast Lead.” In that war, civilians were instructed to flee their homes and take refuge in a UN school, which the Jewish military promptly annihilated killing every civilian child, woman and man inside, after it levelled their homes.

“Her name is Hiba Kalli, and she is 85 years old. Every time a bomb explodes, she’s transported back to memories of the many wars she’s survived. You can see the panic in her face. When I hold her hand, she won’t let go, murmuring ‘please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me.’ I am not going to leave my patients. We either stay together, or we leave this world together.”

In this present war, Israel has attacked the al-Wafa charity hospital for the elderly first giving it the “knock” then calling the facility and asking the director if he planned on evacuating his patients. He responded that he could not physically evacuate his patients because they were bedridden and he also had no place to which to relocate them. International activists flocked to the facility to act as a human shield, and publishing this news in the hopes that it would make a difference. Following the so-called “knock” was a strike later that evening which blew a hole in the ceiling and shattered windows on the hospital’s top floor. The first barrage of missiles hit the fourth floor of the hospital at 2:00AM.

At approximately 17:00 a fifth missile hit the fourth floor of the hospital.

“Windows and doors were blown out, broken glass everywhere, damage to the stairs, there’s a big hole at the impact area and the wall is burnt,“ reports Joe Catron, ISM activist, from the U.S.

On 12 July, a medical facility in northern Gaza’s Beit Lahiya for the disabled was bombed, killing two patients. Their body parts had to be recovered from the rubble.

Israel has also made a practice of bombing numerous mosques once the worshippers arrive after the call to prayer, killing numerous people and attacking until the mosques are levelled.

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