Gentiles in the land are enemies

Violent Jews try to stab mother and her two children, attack thwarted

One might think the effects of the incitement by government ministers would have subsided, but it has not. Packs of violent ethno-supremacist Jews chant “death to Arabs” Instead the frenzy of Palestinian-hatred continues unabated, spawning new attacks by violent Jews on Palestinians in al-Quds/Jerusalem and elsewhere. This one, thankfully, was not successful.

13 July, 2014 Ma’an
Two Israeli extremists attempted to stab a Palestinian woman and her two children as they passed through a Jewish neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem late Saturday.

A Ma’an reporter said that the two Israelis attempted to stab Umm Ziyad Abu Hadwan, her daughter Fidaa, 10, and her son Ahmad, 8.

Her husband said that the Israelis verbally abused her before one of them took out a knife. They started screaming and managed to flee to a shop in the chain gate area.

The Israelis attempted to follow them but were stopped by people at the gate.

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