Violent Jewish settler colonists from Yitzhar burn Palestinian olive trees

Violent Jewish Settler Colonists, IOF soldiers set Palestinian land on fire

Whipped into a frenzy of Palestinian-hatred and the orgy of death and destruction punishing Gaza, and encouraged by their Gentile-hating leaders, violent Jewish settler colonists and the occupation forces believe they can mistreat Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ even more than usual whilst the Jewish-owned and dominated media only takes nominal notice of the genocidal destruction in Gaza. But they are mistaken: as is shown by the massive protests worldwide, the people of the world support Palestine, revile Israel and stand in solidarity with Palestine: the ‘West Bank,’ Gaza and al-Quds/Jerusalem. And Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ will not take the Jewish terrorism lying down.

14 July, 2014 PIC
A gang of Israeli extremist typical, violent Jewish settlers burned down dozens of Palestinian olive trees in Hawara town, south of Nablus, and in Barta’a, in Jenin.

Eye-witnesses told a PIC correspondent that hordes of Yitzhar settlers set fire to Palestinian olive trees in al-Laf area, near Hawara town.

Several trees were reduced to ashes as a result of the fires that spread out quickly, the witnesses added.

In a related event, the Israeli occupation troops set fire to Palestinian agricultural lands in eastern Barta’a, in Jenin, leading to severe material damage.

Violent clashes broke out between the landowners and the IOF soldiers in the process.

The IOF soldiers have been cordoning off the industrial and commercial zone in the village.

Dozens of Palestinian civilians were rushed to hospital as they inhaled tear gas fired by the IOF throughout the clashes.

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