Damage to house in Sderot from Gaza rocket

Sirens blaring everywhere

Considering this article about “Iron dome” it might be handy to understand what is going on in the Jewish military state right now. In their own media, they are very careful to not let on that there are deaths of IOF (they are buried at night and a gag order is in effect) or others. They do, however, make mention of the amount of rockets flying into Israel, and pretend that they are shooting some down out of the sky. So here’s a roundup of the last few days’ tallies of rockets followed by a list of where their “Code Red” sirens are blaring, indicating incoming rockets.

22:00 Jerusalem time: “Code Red” sirens:  Eshkol, Dimona, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon,  Gedera,  Ramat Gan, Afula and essentially all of South and Central “Israel” (Ma’an)

Incoming rocket counts from Israeli media:

14 July, 2014:

8:35 pm – So far today, 85 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel; the Iron Dome “intercepted” an additional 15 rockets.

1:33 pm -Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge: 980 Gazan rockets have been launched at Israel, Iron Dome has “intercepted” 200 rockets [ratio of 49:10 -ed]

32 rockets launched at Israel, 28 rocket hits, and 4  “interceptions.” (since midnight)

13 July, 2014: 101, not including the “number of” or rockets from Lebanon.

4:02 pm – 51 Gazan rockets have fallen in Israeli territory today. Ten were “intercepted.”

12 July, 2014:  no definite total is possible due to the numerous references to “a number/slew/multiple”

Since midnight, Hamas has fired 44 rockets at Israel, the Iron Dome intercepted 11.

12:11 pm – as rockets from Gaza continued to pummel Israel, particularly in the South

8:20 am – volley of rockets

4:00 am – Rockets were fired from Gaza on Haifa, Hadera, and Zichron Yaakov. It was not yet clear how many rockets were fired or where they landed.

11 July, 2014: 105 incoming, in addition to “a number/slew/volley of”, with means they came so fast and furiously that they couldn’t be counted or countered

10 July, 2014: 119, plus “a number of” and “a slew of” which means that they came flying in so quickly they couldn’t be counted.

3:59 pm – 84 rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Thursday; Iron Dome has “intercepted” 12 (total 96)

339 rockets have fallen in Israel (since 8 July) and 76 have been “intercepted” by the Iron Dome.

9 July, 2014: Counting forwards from 5:35 pm, there were ~83 rockets fired into Israel, then mysteriously at 11:33 pm it lists “a number of”without giving any definite number meaning there were too many to count.

5:35 pm – There have been over 70 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel on Wednesday and over twenty interceptions of the Iron Dome rocket defense system.

6:30 pm- 220 rockets have hit Israel since the operation started; the Iron Dome has intercepted an additional 53.

8 July, 2014: about 160 rockets at Israel on Tuesday, including a salvo of some 20-30 rockets – some of which reached the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted about 40 of the projectiles.

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