Moshe Feiglin and others invade al-Aqsa filthy Talmudic rituals

Occupation forces detain 18 in Jerusalem, 3 in Bethlehem

As is typical of Jewish aggression, they attempt to storm al-Aqsa to perform their vile, filthy Talmudic rituals, and when there is resistance, their occupation forces escort attacks worshippers present and portrays it as if Jews are victims. But this has happened so many times that those who pay any attention to the situation can recognize the ploy pretty quickly.

14 July, 2014 Ma’an
Israeli authorities detained on Sunday 18 Palestinians from the al-Aqsa mosque compound, 13 of them minors.

The director of the Jerusalem prisoners’ families committee, Amjad Abu Asab, said that Israeli forces detained 18 Palestinians, took them for investigation in the Russian compound center and extended their detention for 24 hours.

The detainees are:

1. Nidal Zaghlooul, 16.
2. Muhammad Abu Snineh, 14.
3. Suleiman Ajluni, 14.
4. Muhammad Rashq, 16.
5. Munir Ajluni, 14.
6. Omar Zaanin, 14.
7. Muhammad Sharifeh, 16.
8. Amjad Abu Snineh, 18.
9. Samer Abu Sharakh, 16.
10. Hussein Ghaith, 17.
11. Habib Mahdar, 14.
12. Abdulrahman Basit, 15.
13. Mustafa Safadi, 14.
14. Hassan Abu Quddus, 26.
15. Muhamad Qudsi Dweik, 22.
16. Fathi Jamal, 31.
17. Photojournalist Abdulafo Zghair.
18. Photojournalist Iyad Tawil.

In Bethlehem, Israeli forces detained three Palestinians, one of them an activist against the separation wall and settlements.

The coordinator of a local committee against the wall and settlements, Hassan Breija, told Ma’an that Israeli forces detained his brother Muhammad, 37, after they raided his house.

Breija added that Israeli soldiers assaulted him, his mother and his brother.

Israeli forces detained two Palestinians from Tuqu in eastern Bethlehem early Monday.

Local sources told Ma’an that Mahmoud Kamel al-Sabah, 20, and Muhannad Nasser al-Taamra, 20, were detained from their houses after soldiers raided the houses and searched them.

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