Brave Jewish soldier knee on the neck of unarmed Palestinian boy. Musaid Qawasma

Casualties reported in violent clashes in Bethlehem

The criminals in the Jewish occupation force commit atrocities in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine whilst world is focused on its war crimes in Gaza. The IOF furiously lash out at Palestinians who do not lie down and accept Jewish domination and oppression, protesting peacefully in solidarity with their fellows in Gaza. IOF is using live bullets much more quickly than in previous acts of repression, hoping to cause more deaths that might go unnoticed by observers and the world. They are not; we observe and publish the crimes for the world to see.

14 July, 2014 PIC
Two Palestinian young men were wounded with live bullets during Israeli violent quelling of a peaceful demonstration at the northern entrance to Bethlehem city on Sunday night.

The PIC reporter said that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired live ammunition at the young men along with teargas and sound bombs.

He said that one of the young men was hit with a bullet in his knee while the other was hit in his foot, adding that dozens were treated for gas suffocation.

Medical sources said that IOF soldiers blocked medical teams from reaching the wounded youths and left them to bleed for a while before allowing their evacuation.

In another incident, IOF soldiers raided Walaja village, north of Bethlehem, also on Sunday night and clashed with young men protesting the raid. The soldiers fired teargas and sound bombs on houses during the incursion.

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