It’s Even More Sick Than I Thought

After posting the appalling image of Jews enjoying the view of the destruction of Gaza, it comes out that it’s even worse than that. They defend it -eating popcorn, camping out! They’re enjoying themselves in possibly one of most deranged ways possible, short of themselves directly inflicting the pain on Palestinians.

The Mirror reports that the photographer/correspondent for the Dutch daily Kristeligt Dagblad did an update on Friday explaining

The hill has been transformed into something that most closely resembles the front row of a reality war theatre.

People have dragged camping chairs and sofas to the top of the hill. Several sit with crackling bags of popcorn, while others smoke hookahs and talk cheerfully.

Eli Chone, a 22-year-old American living in Israel told the paper:

“We are here to see Israel destroy Hamas.”

“Look there,” says Eli Chone, pointing at a dot in the sky.

“It is a fighter who is about to dive. This means that it is about to shoot. ”

The talk on the hill falls silent for a moment. Suddenly the night sky lights into a powerful flash, while a high column of fire rises in Gaza. A few seconds later the earth is shaken by a dull roar.

Now cheers break out on the hill, followed by solid applause.

Concern over the impact of the Israeli missiles doesn´t characterize the atmosphere on the hill.

“Honestly. Look at the people around you. They live in this town and must daily deal with being shot at. There’s nothing to say that they are happy that the military is now fighting back. We sit and look at Israel creating peace, “said Eli Chone

His buddy Aaron Dew breaks in:

And it’s also just good fun.”

To him the war scene is not so much about the struggle for peace. He lives in Jerusalem nearly 100 miles away from the rockets in Sderot. This is the second day in a row that he takes the trip south to see the matches.

It’s great to be here. You can feel the thunder and see the rockets. It is a quest for excitement. Yesterday a rocket landed just below the hill,” he says.

Only the Talmudic mind could enjoy other people’s destruction, could not just secretly but publicly, bring their children and picnic and camp out as Jews did also during 2009 infamous “Cast Lead.” (below – look at the girls’ faces!) Every good person in the world finds this appalling and repellent.

jews enjoying orgy of violence and death unleashed on Gaza
Jews enjoying death and destruction of innocent civilians in Gaza 2009 Cast Lead

One thought on “It’s Even More Sick Than I Thought”

  1. [Edit: I am posting a link to the video here on cintayati because it is very raw and harsh and while I agree that it needs to be seen, people should have some warning and it should be by choice. It is the same video Genie posted here.]
    This is the cost of Israel: a father attempts to wake his dead 4 year-old son whose head was blown open by Israel in the ongoing war against Gaza.


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