Hezbollah, Hamas Coordinating on the Ground Says Hamas Official

This is one of Israel’s biggest fears, besides of course no more cover in the Security Council and the end of the Americans’ financial largesse, because it knows that Hezbollah is leaner, stronger and better fighters than the pimply teens in Israel’s military that is used to abusing unarmed civilians. Hezbollah has twice sent the IDF crying home. Israeli tanks are currently amassed on Israel’s border with Gaza prepared for a full-scale ground invasion, and is already evacuating foreigners. If Hezbollah gets involved, it and Hamas and the other Palestinian militias will send the IOF home crying again.

12 July, 2014 Daily Star
Hamas official Osama Hamdan said in remarks published Saturday that his party was coordinating on the ground with Hezbollah, insisting that the Palestinian group could confront a ground operation by Israel.

Asked in an interview with Assafir about coordination between Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, Hamdan said: “The enemy is the same and our tactics are the same. Therefore, we put in efforts to exchange expertise. There is constant field cooperation and coordination.”

“The relationship with Hezbollah and Iran today is better than everyone thinks, and ties with Hezbollah [specifically] is by far better than what [enemy] optimists want to believe,” Hamadan, the head of Hamas International Relations department, said. “These ties are based on confronting the Zionist and working on liberating Palestine. Everyone is keen on preserving such a relationship regardless of how much the circumstances change and opinions differ.”

Ties between Hamas and Hezbollah have deteriorated over the crisis in Syria, but the two parties have said that they seek to preserve their relationship.

During his chat with the Lebanese local daily, Hamdan said Hamas’ ability to withstand attack was very strong and it was capable “of continuing to fire rockets and confront any ground operation and reach deep into Israel.”

“The resistance has grown from a military faction to include more people, and now today involves the general population. Therefore, it is difficult to defeat it, but the battle will take some time and there are plenty of surprises to come.”

At least 120 Palestinians have been killed in the past few days since Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza, in the most serious hostilities between the Jewish state ad Hamas since 2012. Hamas has claimed many of the rocket attacks into Israel.

The conflict began after the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers and the retaliatory kidnapping of a Palestinian teenager who was burned alive. While Hamas has denied involvement in the Israeli abduction, Israeli officials have blamed extremist Jews for the latter case.

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