Gaza - carrying dead Palestinian child killed by Jewish airstrike on his home 9 July 2014 Reuters

UNRWA Declares State of Emergency in Gaza

It is a bit beyond that now, considering that there is barely any fuel for hospitals or ambulances, much less civilians, there is not enough medicine or medical supplies (not by coincidence either), and the Jewish military has bombed schools, electrical lines, the Wafa hospital as well as the barely functioning sewage treatment plant. These are of course war crimes committed by Israel. One wonders if Israel will strike UN compounds as they did in Cast Lead? It has already said that “the gloves are off” which means they don’t feel constrained at all and will strike whomever and whatever they wish.

11 July, 2014 PIC
The UNRWA on Thursday declared a state of emergency in all five areas of its operations in the Gaza Strip to deal with the dramatic escalation in violence and the impacts of the massive assault on Gaza.

13,000 UNRWA employees in Gaza are committed to provide services for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA operations director Robert Turner said in a press statement.

Turner said that dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured “as a result of the obvious deliberate targeting of civilians.”

As UNRWA has always been ready to provide whatever emergency assistance it can, should the situation deteriorate even further, Turner said.

He also urged all parties to exercise restraint to prevent further escalation of the situation.

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