Spain protests massacre of Gazans

Pro-Palestinian Rallies across Spain Protest Israeli Aggression on Gaza

10 July, 2014 WAFA
Hundreds of Palestinians and pro-Palestinians rallied Thursday to protest Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian community in Spain and pro-Palestinians from United Left, Spanish Solidarity Network against the Occupation of Palestine, Boyott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS) participated in the rallies held in various Spanish cities.

They rallied in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in protest of the Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip. They marched with banners urging providing international protection for the Palestinian people and demanding holding Israel accountable for its crimes against defenseless Palestinian civilians, particularly house demolitions.

Protestors demanded Spain and other EU member states to take serious positions on Israeli aggression on Gaza, including halting mutual cooperation with Israel.

Madrid Spain rally for Gaza

Coinciding with opening a film festival in Xixón, the largest Spanish city, protestors marched in front of the festival, demanding barring Israel from participating in it.

Meanwhile, several Spanish political parties, particularly United Left, commemorated the tenth anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s ruling on the West Bank apartheid wall in Madrid and other cities.

During a session titled ‘10 Years of Impunity’, that was attended by parliamentarians, Spanish Parliamentary Committee for Palestine, diplomats and civil society actors, speakers stressed that the construction of the wall is contrary to the international law and that it should be dismantled. They also stressed the need to reach a just peace through respecting the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and establishing an independent state.

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