Ambulance in Gaza zoom

Gaza health ministry to declare state of emergency

This situation, as has been mentioned before, is not an accident or coincidence – it is part of the Jewish revenge. Israel slowed and cut off fuel supplies beforehand, and it knows full well that the power plant in Gaza was, before this latest war, only able to supply electricity for a few hours per day. It also knew that its crippling blockade was strangling the medical field and that common medicines and medical supplies were running very low. The intention of Israel was to force a situation in which medics and hospitals in Gaza could not effectively care for the children, women and elderly they knew they would be slaughtering mercilessly (because apparently no one cares about men, even if they are not militants).

9 July, 2014 al-Ray

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced on Tuesday evening that it would have to declare a state of emergency in all medical facilities in the event of continued “Israeli”escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Undersecretary Yusuf Abu Rish told the press conference that they would also have to cancel outpatient clinics of the Ministry of Health, to be able to save lives.

He condemned the shelling of civilians and killing of children, women and the elderly, saying the escalation does not differentiate, committting “crimes against humanity, stones and everything.”

Abu Rish said that the ministry suffers from a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies, noting that ordinarily the budget is estimated at 2.3 million dollars per month.

Medicines and supplies were already severely depleted before the latest offensive through the failure of the unity government to send adequate stocks through from the West Bank, with 45% of essential medicines unavailable, and many more on the verge of running out.

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