Buy Your Very Own Jewish Terrorist Action Figure!

Jewish terrorist doll: Moshe DayanOn 3 July, the Jerusalem Post announced that a Jewish company is now making “action figures,” another name for small dolls, from “Zionist lore,” meaning the myths that Israel and Jewry tell themselves.

You can now purchase the following Jewish terrorists and war criminal dolls: Moshe Dayan, David Ben-Gurion, Theodor Herzl, Golda Meir, and Menachem Begin.

Soon to come are mythical figures including Jewish kings David and Solomon, and others such as Ze’ev “Iron Wall” Jabotinsky. They are hoping gullible Gentiles (especially deluded Christian zionists) will start selling in shops and buying them, handing these Jews a few more sheckles.

“There are collectors who are willing to pay a lot for a figurine. The whole culture of action figures and vinyl figures is part of United States art folklore and the country’s identity,” said the designer, Asaf Harari.

One wonders if they will also make famous vicious Jewish mass-murderers such as Kaganovich and the members of the Cheka, and criminals such as Abramovich and Madoff, too?

Apparently plastic dolls made by Jews will rehabilitate their troubling ‘image’ problems.

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