Racist Jews chanting ‘death to Arabs’

As I’ve stated repeatedly, and others have correctly judged, what had been going on had nothing to do with “missing” settler colonists (massive round-up of Gentile Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ and re-arrests of political prisoners) and what is going on now in Gaza – both have to do with Gentile-hatred and Jewish revenge. Jews have been rampaging through the ‘West Bank’ and al-Quds/Jerusalem, and now are rampaging (making total war) in Gaza. Remember, kids – “Hating Arabs isn’t racism. It’s having values!”

The Ugly Truth

Ed note–obviously,  not being fluent in Hebrew, we cannot verify the accuracy of what’s being said, but considering what we see coming out of the Israeli press on a daily basis, it seems more believable than not. 

We can easily imagine the news coverage this would get if it were Arabs or anyone else of the gentile persuasion calling for Jews to be killed, but of course, when it is the reverse, them reverse rules apply. 

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