Gazan home destroyed by Jews - protective edge 2014

Occupation Military Forces Raid Civilian Sites in Besieged Gaza

8 July, 2014 Al-Ray
Israeli military admitted that it attacked 50 sites, most of them are civilian, in the besieged Gaza Strip during the last night.

Senior Israeli military official told the Hebrew newspaper of Yediot Ahronot that they carried out three attacks by warships stationed off ​​Gaza shore, while the rest of the attacks were launched by drones and armed helicopters.

The officer said that the Israeli shelling destroyed four Palestinian houses, pointing out that the aggression against the Strip will continue for another day.

“We assume that the process will continue to progress as we have doubled the number of our troops to focus our efforts in determining the tunnel openings and work effectively on the Iron Dome system to destroy missiles from Gaza.”

Israeli warplane bombed the houses of Azaabot , Ebadlh, Shabat, al-Hashash, and Abu Daqa families, totally destroyed them.

“Bombing civilian homes is a red line,” warned Brigades of Izz al-Din Alksaam, Hamas military wing, stating that it has the right to defend Palestinian civilians.

Israel security cabinet gave the green light to launch military operation against Gaza calling it ” Operation Protective Edge”.

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