Violent Jewish settler colonists throw stones with military protection

Nablus Citizens Confront Israeli Settler Colonists’ Attacks

7 July, 2014 al-Ray
Palestinian citizens of al-Bathan and al-Naqura villages in Nablus confronted the Israeli settlers while trying to storm the two villages at dawn.

The citizens said that the settlers attacked the village of al-Bathan at dawn and headed towards the parks area to perform their [vile Talmudic -ed] rituals, but the young men of the village confronted them and forced them to flee.

A number of Israeli settlers from Shafi Shomron settlement tried to attack al-Naqura village, while the villagers released warnings of their presence, calling on citizens not to walk individually but in groups especially before the sun rises to avoid the settler’s attacks.

Clashes erupted last night between the Israeli settlers and Palestinian citizens in Eynabus village to the south of Nablus city after the Israeli settlers stormed it and assaulted its citizens.

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