Jewish soldiers raze agricultural land

Israeli Bulldozers Raze Large Areas of Land South of Jenin

8 July, 2014 WAFA
Israeli bulldozers continued razing tens of dunums of land adjacent to the settlement of ‘Mabo Dothan’ on Tuesday, north-west of the town of Araba to the south of Jenin, for the second consecutive day, as a prelude to take over the land.

Jamal Lutfi Zuhair, the owner of the land, explained that Israeli bulldozers stormed his 40 dunums of land, mostly planted with olive trees, and proceeded to raze the land without any prior notice even though he has documents proving his ownership of the land.

Zuhair added that he had made a formal complaint to the Palestinian Distinct Coordination Office (DOC) on the intent of Israel to seize the land, which belongs to him and other family members, in order to expand the settlement of ‘Mabo Dothan’.

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