Israel destroys homes with bombs in Gaza

40,000 Jewish Reservists Called up to Utterly Destroy Gaza

Israel is calling up 40,000 Jewish reservists in its military to utterly destroy Gaza in another war against the captive population. Israel typically ascribes Orwellian titles to its genocidal campaigns against the open-air prison that is Gaza, and this one is no different. It’s being billed as “Operation protective edge” though it has F-16s, tanks and bunker-busting bombs as well as the backing of its partner in crime, the USA.

Bloodthirsty Jews demand revenge
Bloodthirsty Jews demand revenge

This is another part of Jewish revenge; it cannot make total war on the Palestinians in the West Bank, but it can on those in Gaza.

Like other “operations” against Palestinians in Gaza, this one was also planned well in advance, with the Jews just waiting for the “right moment” (read: the world distracted with something else or it is a moment when Israel has garnered, through Jewish control of media, the ignorant sympathy of the Western peoples) to unleash maximum death and destruction on Gentile Palestinians.

The current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stated that this “operation” will “take some time” meaning that their war will be full-scale and of utterly devastating impact, not to be dissuaded by the tender hearts and pleas from Gentiles and our governments in the civilised world.

It must be understood that Israel has, through its secret police Shin Bet (also called Shabak) an extensive network of coerced informers and actors in Gaza. These hapless Palestinians are forced to cooperate with the Jews lest their sister be branded as a ‘loose woman,’ they themselves outed as a collaborator, or simply assassinated in one of Israel’s many “targeted killings.” These agents are then called upon by Israel to shoot bottle-rockets when it is convenient or requested. Israel in turn uses this to justify its massive military might on the population in Gaza, who are trapped and unable to flee or escape the weapons of Jewish war.

Gaza-Israel comparison

In 2009, Israel made war on Gaza in what it called “Operation Cast Lead” in which hundreds of children and women were slaughtered by Jews. International media was kept out of Gaza, but some were already present and other Palestinians took harrowing photos and videos of Israel’s perfidious use of the banned weapon, white phosphorous and its victims, as well as other photos of the many other victims , objects of of Jewish hatred.

These photos shocked the Gentile world, unable, as we are to understand the depth of Jewish Gentile-hatred and centrality of vengeance and revenge to the Jewish mind.

Israel’s most recent war against Gaza in 2012, termed “Operation Pillar of Smoke” that referenced not only the pillars of smoke over the many apartment buildings, school, factories and even sewage treatment plant they gleefully destroyed, but also the mythical tale in the Old Testament about when Hebrews wandered in the desert for 40 years guided by a pillar of smoke by day.

That time, there were international media present, and whilst there was terrible destruction, the Jews attempted to not make it so obvious so as not to arouse the wrath of the Gentile world against it, though no country deserves that more than Israel.

As it stands at the moment, Gaza has barely any fuel for its ambulances or power plant -which was barely able to supply electricity for a few hours each day– so the destruction unleashed by Jews will most likely be on par with Cast Lead. Victims of Jewish hate will be left unaided, unable to be even taken to hospital! After all, how can hospitals operate with no electricity?  That is precisely the situation planned for and brought about by Jews in Israel; it is not a mistake or happenstance at all.

Israel has been wanting a replay of Cast Lead, and even go further, for quite a while. Jews in government have said so and advocated ‘flattening’ Gaza, ‘mowing the grass’ (idiom for killing as many Palestinians in Gaza as possible) and even ‘retaking’ Gaza.

The former Moldovan nightclub bouncer cum foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman has decided to split his hard-line mostly Russian party from the Likud and Netanyahu over Gaza. Lieberman wants flattening, Netanyahu has to walk a fine line – he wants destruction, death and flattening, too, but has to publicly pretend to be moderate and thoughtful lest he wake the Gentile world’s sense of justice and risk further political isolation.

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