Jewish Settler Colonists Storm Aqsa Plazas, Again

6 July, 2014 PIC

al-Aqsa Compound
al-Aqsa Compound

Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine – Jewish fanatic settlers broke into the Aqsa Mosque on Sunday morning and toured its various plazas amid tight security protection.

SAFA news agency quoted director of information at the Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage Mahmoud Abul Atta as saying that around 12 settlers entered the holy site through Maghareba gate.

He said that the settlers toured the Aqsa courtyards but were confronted by students and worshipers, adding that they left the site few minutes later through Silsela gate.

Abul Atta pointed to the intensified presence of Quran students inside the Aqsa Mosque in anticipation of other break-ins by settlers in the few coming hours.

Ultra-orthodox Jew in the al-Aqsa compound
Ultra-orthodox Jew in the al-Aqsa compound

He said that Israeli policemen scrutinized the IDs of all Palestinians wishing to enter the Aqsa.

Growing numbers of Israeli settlers, officials, and recruits break into the holy Islamic site on daily basis in a bid to intensify and regularize their presence inside the Mosque as a prelude to divide it between Muslims and Jews.

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