Water as a weapon

water consumption disparity chart
Chart illustrating the disparity between water allocated to Jews and Gentiles

The disparity between the water allocation and usage by Israel and the Jewish settler colonists in the illegal Jewish settlement colonies in Palestine, and the Palestinians themselves is shocking. Palestinians are allocated below the minimum standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) per capita per diem. The majority of water is located in a large underground aquifer in Palestine. It is no coincidence or accident that Israel’s illegal Jewish settlement colonies are over the aquifer and near natural springs. Israel is plundering (a crime) the natural resources of Palestine and using water as a weapon of collective punishment against Palestinians, simply because they exist and refuse to leave their country to make way for Jewish settler colonists. Israel steals water from under Palestine and makes Palestinians pay Israel for the little water they can actually get.

Jews in the Jew-only settlement colonies in Palestine commandeer natural springs (even on land owned by a Palestinian), redirect water from springs to their illegal settlement colonies, destroy or poison Palestinian wells, destroy water collection appurtenances (cisterns, as well as plastic tubs holding water). These violent Jews also dump raw sewage and poison on Palestinian crops and cropland to ensure that the land cannot be used productively by Palestinian farmers. These actions and atrocities have been thoroughly documented.

springs taken over by jews
UN Office of Human Rights Affairs Palestine – map of springs taken over by Jews

Numerous organizations, independent and affiliated with the United Nations, World Health Organization and governments have written reports on the sources, allocation, theft and use of water.

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