Violent Jewish settler colonists attacks continue in the West Bank

5 July, 2014 PIC
Jewish soldier shakes hand of violent Jewish settler colonist after attack on PalestiniansIsraeli settlers assaulted a young Palestinian man in Osrin village, south of Nablus, at dawn Saturday, while another group of settlers confiscated a Palestinian owned home in Bethlehem.

The 22-year-old Tariq Adeli was seriously injured after being brutally attacked by Israeli settlers, Tariq’s father said.

The father said that he received a phone call from his son asking for help. Tariq was then taken to Rafedia hospital in Nablus for treatment.

On the other hand, Israeli settlers forcibly seized a Palestinian-owned home located in Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem.

The settlers confiscated the home and raised the Israeli flag over it under Israeli forces protection, media sources said.

The sources added that Israeli settlers erected a number of mobile homes in the surrounding area as a prelude to establishing a settlement outpost.

The confiscated home was a Jordanian police station before the occupation of the West Bank.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces and settlers attacked a Palestinian family in al-Khalil’s Old City. Two family members were arrested during the attack.

Da’na family members were violently attacked by Israeli settlers who were trying to kidnap two of the family children. Israeli occupation forces intervened and arrested the father and one of his sons after brutally beating them. [How dare they resist?! -ed]

Local sources said that angry protesters threw Molotov Cocktails at an Israeli military checkpoint in the city.

Along the same line, an Israeli settler ran over the 17-year-old Alaa Abeidat, from Bethlehem, late Friday before fleeing the scene. The boy was transferred to hospital after suffering moderate injuries.

Israeli settlers noticeably stepped up their attacks against Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

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