Israel planning to raze dozens of Palestinian homes in W.Bank

Jewish soldiers demolishing Paletinian's home
Jewish soldiers demolishing Palestinian’s home

Israel is to resume its barbaric punitive home demolitions of those Palestinians, not who built without the proper “permit” but who are suspects of crimes (not convicted) much to effective in their activism, or belong to/are affiliated with/have sympathy for Hamas, the only party that poses an actual challenge to Jewish dominance of Palestinians. Of course it is patently illegal, but that hasn’t stopped Israel so far.
4 July, 2014 PIC

Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) are considering demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes belonging to Hamas officials and activists in the occupied West Bank, Haaretz newspaper said Monday.

“The demolition procedures are to destroy dozens of homes of Hamas leaders and ex-prisoners released in the Shalit prisoner swap deal along with a number of Palestinian civilians charged for potential involvement in the murder of Israeli soldiers as part of its latest escalation against Hamas, Haaretz pointed out.

It added that such Israeli demolition procedures targeting the homes of Palestinian activists have been suspended in 2005 when Israel had come to realize their arbitrariness.

In an earlier incident this week, the IOF razed Ziad Awad’s home, in Idna, to the ground under pretext that he might have been involved in the shooting of an Israeli officer at the Tarkoumia checkpoint.

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