Palestinian killed by undercover Israeli forces in Jenin

1 July, 2014 IMEMC

(Yousef) Ibrahim Abu Zagha, 21
(Yousef) Ibrahim Abu Zagha, 21: murdered by vengeful violent Jews. © IMEMC

Jenin – Undercover soldiers of the Israeli military infiltrated into Jenin City and the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, shot and killed one Palestinian, and clashed with dozens of local youth.

Local sources said the undercover soldiers assassinated (Yousef) Ibrahim Abu Zagha, 21 [Some reports state his age as younger. -ed], after they infiltrated into the Jenin refugee camp, adding that the young man was returning home, carrying food for his family to eat before starting their fast, as Muslims are marking the holy month of Ramadan.

Abu Zagha was instantly killed after being struck by several rounds of live ammunition, fired by the undercover forces. [It was a planned mission to assassinate him, which is a war crime. -ed]

Following his death, dozens of soldiers invaded the area and kidnapped three Palestinians from their homes.

Clashes have also been reported between the invading soldiers and dozens of local youth, in the camp and in Jenin city, as well as several nearby communities.

Dozens of Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

The soldiers also invaded and ransacked several homes, and kidnapped Ahmad Salim an-Nawrasy, Yousef Hasan Shabrawy and Zein Bilal ad-Damj.

Local sources said the soldiers detonated the front doors of several homes before invading them and searching them.

Some of those homes belong to detainee Waseem Eid, Baha’ Samih Abu Sbaa’, and Ahmad Abu Khalifa.

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