Jewish Extremists Students Attack Arab Students at Safed College

3 July, 2014 WAFA

Violent Jew teaching son to be violent
Violent Jew teaching son to be violent

Safed – The  Arab students in the College of Safed in Upper Galilee in Israel were subjected  to threats by Jewish students belonging to the right-wing party and religious extremist groups in the college.

Arab Member of Knesset, Massoud Ghanayim, said that he had received letters from the Arab students demanding his intervention to stop the attacks against them, explaining that they were exposed to attempts of assault after the kidnapping and killing of the three settlers.

According to their letter: ‘Since the recent events and the growing manifestations of racism against Arabs in general, the frequency of attempts to threaten Arab students who are studying in the college has increased, and a lot of them are afraid to leave their dorms at night or move freely in the city’.

In this regard, Ghanayim sent urgent messages to the Israeli Defense Minister and the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Faculty of Safed urging them to provide security and protection for Arab students.

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