Israeli forces confiscate contents of Hebron factory

Palestinian factory workers: their dairy products are very threatening!
Palestinian factory workers: their dairy products are very threatening!

As part of the ongoing collective punishment and revenge on Palestinians, this is the second time goods have been confiscated (the first were shoes in a shoe shop, because everyone knows shoes are very threatening). And since this pattern of collective punishment continues, it is obvious to the world that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the “missing” Jewish settler colonists, and everything to do with ‘crushing Hamas’ (the only party that poses a real challenge to Jewish power in the Levant), dissolving the Palestinian unity government, further harming the Palestinian economy, asserting Jewish dominance, and of course, revenge. Even the Israeli government knows that the world isn’t fooled and won’t excuse this barbaric behaviour.

3 July, 2014 Ma’an

Hebron, Palestine – Israeli forces confiscated the contents of a dairy factory in Hebron late Wednesday, less than a week after Israel issued a demolition order to the Islamic charity which owns the property.

“We received an order a week ago, from the Israeli council of planning, to remove the factory under the pretext that it was built without a license,” Sheikh Hatim al-Bakri, who chairs Hebron Islamic Charitable Society, told Ma’an.

“We filed an appeal at Israeli courts against the decision and the case is still pending a court decision, but the occupation observes no law.

“This is a punishment to humanity,” he added.

Money from the factory goes to orphans registered with the Islamic Charitable Society, al-Bakri said, and the factory employs around 52 workers.

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