UN experts trace Klos C arms ship to Iran – en route to Sudan not Gaza

This finding is significant because the lying Jews tried to convince the world that Iran, the ancient, mature country that is measured and wise, was sending a shipment of munitions to Gaza, despite the Israeli illegal blockade of Gaza and its control of all border crossings into Gaza. The world did not ‘bite’ the poison apple of Israeli Jewish propaganda, much to its chagrin. The world is (once again) becoming wise to Jewish chronic lying and manipulative ways and is starting to ignore their stunts more and more, as we should. There are much more important matters upon which to focus, and one of those are the people who need protecting from the lying, brutally barbaric Jews of Israel: Palestinians.

28 June, 2014 Reuters

Klos C ship bound for Sudan not Gaza
Klos C ship bound for Sudan not Gaza, as the lying Jews claimed

Shipment of arms seized by Israel in March originated from Iran, UN panel says; weapons were being sent to Sudan, not Gaza — A UN expert panel has concluded that a shipment of rockets and other weapons that was seized by Israel came from Iran and represents a violation of the UN arms embargo on Tehran, according to a confidential report obtained by Reuters on Friday.

Despite Israel’s public statements that the seized arms were destined for Gaza – an allegation that Gaza’s democratically elected governing Islamist militant group party Hamas dismissed as a fabrication – the experts said the weapons were being sent to Sudan.

“According to Israeli officials, the rockets were produced in Syria by the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC),” they said.

“No markings were identified on the rockets during the Panel’s inspection that would have allowed confirmation of the Syrian origin of the rockets.”

“One expert notes that the Syrian origin of the rockets cannot be independently established and neither can the movement of the rockets from Syria to Iran,” the report added.

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