Settler Grazes Cattle on Palestinian Crops

Violent illegal Jewish settler colonists
Violent illegal Jewish settler colonists

The brazen acts of the violent Jewish settler colonists in Palestine’s ‘West Bank’ are as widespread as they are galling. Jewish settler colonist terrorism against Palestinians is rarely, if ever, subject to any recrimination or criminal charges. Those who are arrested and charged typically have the charges dropped. The Israeli military frequently guard these violent Jews during their terroristic raids in Palestinian villages and towns.

29 June, 2014 IMEMC

An Israeli settler, today, decided to graze his cattle on Palestinian-owned crops at Wadi Al-Rakhim in Yatta, to the south of Hebron, according to local activist.

Ratib Jabbour, who is a coordinator for the Anti-wall and Settlement Popular Committee, said that a heavily-armed settler from the illegal Susia settlement, to the south of Hebron, raided a vacant house and released his cattle to graze on nearby lands.

According to WAFA, the settler made use of the presence of Israeli troops who have been deployed in the area for over two weeks, under the pretext of searching for three missing settlers.

Violations and outright attacks, on Palestinians and their property, by Israeli settlers are common throughout Israel and the internationally recognized Palestinian territories, and frequently target both Christian and Muslim holy sites.

Such attacks often occur with complicity and even full backing from Israeli forces.

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