Palestine to move on with oil plan in West Bank despite Israeli objections

Oil Pump
Oil – Palestine has it, Israel wants it and will steal it

Israel covets – desperately covets – not only Palestine’s territory (sans Palestinians, bien sûr!) but its resources: the fertile Jordan valley, the enormous underground water aquifer that sits beneath the illegal Jew-only Israeli colonies, but also the minerals and oil under the ‘West Bank’ in Palestine and that off the shore of Gaza, as well as the natural gas. They want it all – except the Palestinians, who they are just as happy to kill as deport to somewhere else (they would be happier genociding them all, they celebrate their mythic genocides, and fantasise about this quite openly). But even China takes note of the Jewish propensity for thievery of resources and what actually belongs to whom. China, of course, cannot be guilt-tripped (a Jewish speciality of course) about World War II, nor is it a major adherent to any of the Jew-inspired ‘big three’ monotheistic religions. China, and the Chinese people, understand the ‘long game,’ and can play the ‘great game’ much, much better than Jews who have a notoriously short temper, short vision and revel in revenge and petty slights of Gentiles. This, among other things, will be their undoing.

25 June, 2014 Xinhua

Ramallah – The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) decided that it will carry forward an oil exploration plan in the West Bank despite Israel’s rejections, a senior Palestinian government official said on Wednesday.

Mohamed Mustafa, deputy prime minister and the minister of economy, said the Israeli government sent an official letter to the PNA two days ago, expressing its oppositions against any unilateral Palestinian actions concerning oil exploration.

He told Xinhua that Palestine’s decision is in line with the Oslo peace accords signed in 1993, which stipulates that the PNA is required to coordinate with Israel only when projects are inaugurated.

“We are still in the state of planning…for the project of oil exploration,” he said, adding that “once we are ready, we will follow the needed measures.”

The PNA began in March last year to search for oil fields in the West Bank. It has already presented tenders to several international oil companies, while bids are expected to be submitted by the end of June.

In case the project succeeds and oil is produced, this would help end the subordination of the Palestinian economy to Israel “and would help the Palestinians in building an independent and powerful economy,” Mustafa said.

Earlier, Palestinian officials accused Israel of seizing a field that contains fuel reserves of around 1.5 billion barrels of oil and 1.82 cubic meters of natural gas to west of Ramallah.

They also said that 80 percent of the field is in the West Bank, where Israel confiscates 800 barrels every day. Israel has not officially responded to the allegations.

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