NZ mall ousts Israelis for aggressive selling to elderly woman, 82

Dead Sea scam kiosk
Dead Sea scam kiosk

This, of course, is not the only victim of the hyper-aggressive Israeli Jewish ‘salespersons’ cum spies tactics and utter lack of ethics, nor will it be the last. This Jew took advantage of an elderly lady, not once but twice. Jewish ethics entail only being ethical to fellow members of the tribe – secular or religious. There is no ethical bar to lying to, cheating and stealing from and even killing Gentiles, for their holiest text, the Talmud teaches them that our property is ‘open to’ Jews to take as they please, and so they do with gleeful abandon and no regret whatsoever.

Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s most widely read newspaper, on 26 June, 2014 reported on New Zealand evicting from a popular shopping centre these unscrupulous Israeli ‘salespersons’ selling Dead Sea products, of course from minerals and materials stolen from Palestine’s area of access to the Dead Sea. This company makes quite a tidy profit from its skincare products made from the stolen minerals.

This may seem totally unrelated – the unscrupulous, unethical and hyper-aggressive Israeli Jewish ‘salespersons’ cum spies, but it is not. It is quite known [see pdf from Wikileaks, it’s amusing how Tel Aviv pretends to be concerned -ed.] to American intelligence community (at least, other countries may or may not know) that these ‘salespersons’ are frequently spies for Israel. There will be a series of articles posted here that have been previously published recounting not only the fact of Israeli spying on America, but several methods used. That this is known by the American intelligence community (with its boggling 16 different agencies) and the aggressiveness and sneakiness, as well as the devastating financial impact to industry and commerce, has affected Israel’s inclusion into the ‘visa waiver’ program. In fact, America has begun to deny visas to Israeli Jewish ‘students,’ some professionals and virtually all intelligence agents. That should have been implemented from the beginning, but American government has been so thoroughly infiltrated at all levels (much like the Catholic Church) by Jews that put their tribe and Israeli interests/wishes/desires ahead of the national interest of America. They are known (even the crypto-Jews who have changed their family names, like Secretary of State John Kerry, whose family name is really Cohen and pretended to convert to Christianity) to be vicious, unscrupulous, underhanded and fanatical in their support of the alien state, and Americans call them the pejorative term, “Israel-firsters.”

Yeditoth Ahronoth reported:

Israeli salesmen were escorted from New Zealand’s Lynnmall shopping center and asked not to come back with their stand of Dead Sea cosmetic products after convincing an 82-year-old woman to empty her bank account to buy $5,000 worth of anti-wrinkle cream, Auckland’s News3 reported on Wednesday.

The elderly woman, who told News3 that she’d rather not be identified, apparently spent the large sum of money on two separate occasions when Israeli sales staff kept her after the shopping center’s closing hours and even escorted her to an ATM to withdraw more money.

The incident sparked concern over possibly routinely aggressive and manipulative marketing strategies used by young Israeli sales staff who can be found in many shopping centers in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the US and other countries.

Roger, the son of the elderly woman, wasn’t convinced of the Israelis’ good intentions. “I’m sure they can spot people a mile off,” he told News3 after the second time in as many weeks that he found his mother’s bank account empty thanks to the Dead Sea stand.

“They know if they keep talking and using their sales patter on the right sort of people they can wear them down and keep selling to them until the well is dry,” Roger told the media outlet.

The woman also disapproved, in hindsight, of the salesman’s tactics. “He would say ‘you’re such a lovely lady. I’ll give you this for free, extra,'” she told News3, though she also said that the Israeli was a “lovely guy” who gave her hugs.

The News3 report also suggested that prices on products were based only on how much the salesman thought a potential buyer might be convinced to pay. “There are no prices on anything,” the report said.

The woman’s money was refunded and an apology issued, but the mall’s owners, the Kiwi Income Property Trust, told News3 that Dead Sea salesmen would not be allowed to set up shop again at Lynnmall.

This is not the first time that such stories have emerged; a report Thursday claimed that a man suffering from short-term memory loss was charged 12 times for a total amount of $13,000 by an Israeli saleswoman who media called “attractive”.

The man, Robert, told News3 that he had undergone surgery that had affected his memory. Just minutes after charging his credit card, he would forget that he had bought anything. When his card was maxed out, the saleswoman suggested that he go to the bank to withdraw more money.

The New Zealand news agency also reported that a man suffering from autism had been sold $4,000 worth of products in just 30 minutes at a Dead Sea products stand.

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