Act of desperation: Israel drops anti-Hamas lollipops on West Bank cities

Anti-Hamas sweet
Anti-Hamas sweet. © Ma’an

This is truly an act of desperation. Considering that Israel helped found and support Hamas as a means of ‘divide and conquer’ with the advent of the unity government and its recognition by the largest and most powerful world powers, Israel is feeling against the wall. Israel’s many hasbara (propaganda) programs have been resounding failures in their attempts to ‘reclaim Israel’s narrative’ and promote ‘brand Israel’ to American and European people, it is now reduced to dropping sweets with a stern message against affiliating with the one party that does not cower to Jewish violence and has never capitulated to them for paltry favours and a fat-cat lifestyle while it sells its own people into slavery to Jews. In short, Hamas is the one political party and movement that Israel fears most. Somehow I don’t think this will turn Palestinians -who voted overwhelmingly for Hamas- against them.

29 June, 2014 Ma’an

Ramallah – Israel has dropped hundreds of anti-Hamas lollipops in two of the West Bank’s largest cities, in a renewed attempt to incite Palestinian popular opinion against the Islamist political group.

Palestinian residents of Nablus and Ramallah noticed on Sunday morning that hundreds of lollipops had been dropped in the streets and alleyways of the city, decorated with the phrase “Ramadan Kareem … Some sweets, after Hamas has made life in the West Bank bitter.”

Anti-Hamas lollipops distributed on Sunday and anti-Hamas matchboxes
Anti-Hamas lollipops distributed on Sunday and anti-Hamas matchboxes. © Ma’an

Witnesses in Nablus told Ma’an that they saw Israeli soldiers throwing the lollipops in the streets.

The Israel military has deployed heavily across the West Bank in the last two weeks, as part of an operation to find three missing Israeli teens that has led to the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians, injured more than 130, and resulted in the detention of nearly 600 after more than 1,350 military raids.

Onlookers Ma’an spoke to believed that the passing out of the lollipops is part of a “psychological warfare” by Israeli occupation forces to incite the Palestinian people against Hamas, which it accuses of having “kidnapped” the three Israeli teens.

Others, however, said that they thought the “strange behavior” indicates that the Israeli military operation in the West Bank has failed to find a clue about the missing Israeli teenagers, and are hoping to reach out for potential information.

The lollipops are not the first anti-Hamas “gifts” Israeli forces have passed out in the West Bank in recent days.

During a military raid in Nablus on Thursday, Israeli forces dropped match boxes in the streets with a phrase in colloquial Arabic reading “Beware! Hamas is inflaming the West Bank.”

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