Israel attacks the Gaza Strip while there are talks of a possible stronger offensive

29 June, 2014 PNN

Jewish destruction of Gaza
Jewish destruction of Gaza

Gaza, Palestine – Israeli warplanes attacked 12 targets in the Gaza Strip this morning, injuring two Palestinians and causing considerable damage to the surrounding areas and buildings.

Palestinian Medical sources reported that a Palestinian man and his 15-year-old daughter were injured by rocket shrapnel in al-Zaytoun neighborhood, in Gaza City. Both of them were transferred to the hospital and their condition is stable at the moment.

Other locations that were targeted by the Israeli army are a cement factory north of al-Nserat refugee camp, an empty land east of Rafah city, al-Breaj refugee camp, Beit Hanoun, the eastern area of Khan Younis, Baraks and other neighborhoods of Gaza City.

These attacks caused fire in some of the crops in agricultural areas, and damages in nearby buildings.

Ynet, an Israeli news website, has declared today that the Israeli Occupation Forces might be preparing for a “possible significant offensive” in Gaza. The website continues saying that armored brigades have been instructed to prepare for the possibility of being transferred to the Gaza Division, while the Air Force has deployed additional Iron Dome batteries. The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said after the meeting with its Cabinet this morning that “we are prepared to expand the operation as needed.”

The Gaza Strip has been suffering from daily airstrikes since the three Israeli (Jewish) settlers (colonists) went missing last 12th of June.

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