UNESCO grants Battir endangered heritage status

Battir, Palestine - now a UNESCO heritage site
Battir, Palestine – now a UNESCO heritage site

In order to protect land in Palestine from thieving Jewish settler colonists and Israel Land Administration/Jewish National Fund, Palestine has appealed to UNESCO to designate certain historical areas as ‘heritage sites.’ Several have been recognized by UNESCO and designated thus so far, which obviously infuriates Israel. Israel and Jewry are steadfast in their delusional and malevolent attempts to deny the history of Palestine, de-humanise and deny peoplehood to Palestinians, and that is a collective attempt to convince themselves and the world that there was no high culture, civilisation or indigenous people present in Palestine before Hebrews migrated there from Haran, Lebanon.

21 June, 2014 Ma’an

DOHA – UN cultural agency UNESCO on Friday granted endangered World Heritage status to ancient terraces in the West Bank that are under threat from the Israeli separation barrier.

After an emergency nomination by Palestinian officials, UNESCO’s annual World Heritage Committee gathering in Doha voted to grant the protected status to the agricultural community of Battir, which straddles the Green Line just south of Jerusalem and where Israel plans to erect part of its separation wall.

The granting of the status is likely to boost the efforts of local residents locked in a high-profile court battle to change the route of the barrier.

“The site is inscribed, congratulations to Palestine,” committee chairwoman Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani said after the resolution was narrowly approved, against the recommendations of UNESCO experts.

The Palestinian delegation rejoiced at the vote, hugging and cheering.

Battir is famous for its ancient terraces and Roman-era irrigation system which is still used by villagers for their crops.

But the village has come under threat from Israeli plans to erect part of the West Bank separation barrier there, which experts say will irretrievably damage the water system.

The Palestinians won membership in UNESCO in October 2011 and quickly moved to submit a number of sites for recognition, including an emergency application for Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity which was approved in June the following year, despite Israeli objections.

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