Hebron losses ‘$10m daily’ during siege

Violent Jewish settlers
Violent Jewish settlers

This is one of the desired effects of the current large-scale military operation in the West Bank, Palestine. Israel knows that Palestinian economy is already very fragile, and this is another aspect of the collective punishment Israel is meting out to all Palestinians in the West Bank. Now that this damage is intentionally done to the economy of Hebron, you can be sure that Israel will not allow it to recover, and that the economy elsewhere in the West Bank will suffer the same and also not be allowed to recover.

21 June, 2014 Ma’an

Productivity in the Hebron marketplace has decreased 50 percent after a week of Israeli siege in search of three missing settlers, according to a Palestinian businessman.

Mohammad Nafeth al-Herbawi, the head of the Palestinian businessmen forum in Hebron, told Ma’an that the city suffers around $10 million in losses daily, while laborers are losing around $2 million.

“The continuation of the siege will affect the social, economic and daily situation of life for residents of the district,” al-Herbawi said.

“Twenty-thousand workers within the Green Line (Israel) are deprived of their work, and businessmen are deprived of traveling and even reaching other cities.”

He added that some companies and factories have been forced to release a large number of workers, which will lead to dire social conditions.

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