Pillage – IDF Stealing Money from Palestinians They Raid

It’s not enough to militarily occupy them, not enough to humiliate and degrade them on a daily basis, it’s not enough to terrify them in nighttime raids, kidnapping children. No. Now IDF are stealing money from the Palestinians as they raid and ransack their homes, arresting random people at-will in a massive collective punishment exercise. It’s hard for Gentiles to understand this because most don’t know that the Talmud teaches Jews that the money and property of Gentiles is theirs for the taking, and that it is perfectly ethical to steal from us.
Israeli Forces Arrest 34 Palestinians, Ransack Property, Confiscate Money in Several West Bank Areas
21 June, 2014 WAFA

WEST BANK – Israeli forces arrested early Saturday at least 34 Palestinians, including minors, during extensive nighttime raid campaign in the districts of Bethlehem, Hebron, and Jenin, according to security sources.

As the alleged search for the disappearing three settlers continues for the ninth day, Israeli forces continued its wide-spread arrest and search raids across the West Bank cities and villages, breaking into and ransacking houses and charitable societies and arresting Palestinians of various age groups.

In Bethlehem district, forces raided Taqouʻ, a town located to the east of the city, where they stormed, ransacked and wrecked havoc into many houses before they arrested 16 Palestinians.

Forces also raided Abu Njeim, an area located to the southeast of Bethlehem, where they arrested two Palestinians.

Also in Bethlehem, troops stormed a local orphanage, located in an area known as Jabl al-Mawaleh, ransacking it, and seized computers and files.

Meanwhile in Hebron, which bears the brunt of the Israeli operations, Israeli troops raided Hebron city as well as several nearby villages and arrested 12 Palestinians.

They raided Hebron city, breaking and wrecking havoc into residents’ houses before arresting two Palestinians aged 35 and 15 years.

They also raided Idhna , a town located to the west of Hebron, where they arrested a 35-year-old Palestinian. They also raided Yatta and Dura, where they arrested 6 Palestinians.

In Tarqumia, forces ransacked several houses and arrested a Palestinian, while soldiers stationed at a temporary checkpoint near al-Fawwar refugee camp arrested another Palestinian.

Troops also stormed Beit Kahel, storming and ransacking several houses. They brutally assaulted a Palestinian and arrested and interrogated his 15-year-old brother for hours before releasing him.

Israeli operations were not restricted to ransacking houses as soldiers confiscated NIS15,000 from a Palestinian’s house in Hebron city and NIS2,500 from another Palestinian’s house in Beit Kahel and ransacked Hahul Islamic Charitable Society.

Meanwhile in Jenin district, forces raided Jenin refugee camp, where they arrested four Palestinians aged between 21 and 22 years after breaking into and ransacking their houses among others.

Forces also raided Jenin city, where they stormed a local Islamic charitable society, bombing down the door, ransacking it and seizing four computers and files.  

They also raided the Arab American University in Jenin for the second consecutive day, blowing up the third main door and ransacking the various students’ factions offices.

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